DAP in Action: Share Your Own Snapshot and Reflection

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Share your passage about an engaged learning moment that you think reflects the spirit of DAP and engaged learning. Note: total word count of Vignette, Connections to DAP, and Self-Reflection combined should be less than 1500 words.
Create a Descriptive title such as: "Why Are We Doing This? A Conversation with Preschoolers About Similarities and Differences"; "Scribble Is Never Just a Scribble: Art, Story, and Process in a Classroom of 2s and 3s"; etc.
Describe the learning experience. What were the learning goals? What happened? What did the children learn? How did the teacher adapt their practice in response to the children? This section should be about 600-1000 words. Be sure to include dialogue from the experience if relevant.
Describe the connections to DAP. Please be sure to reference specific areas of the position statement.
Describe your thoughts about the experience. What did you observe and notice? What did you learn? What questions arose?
Please list the references or resources mentioned in your experience, if any.
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